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360 Shinola Factory Tour with Luke Wilson

Posted in All, Color, VR / 360

From the watch factory to the rooftop, take a 360 tour of the Shinola Detroit factory headquarters with Luke Wilson. This was an award-winning piece, claiming Best Branded VR experience at the 2016 Lumiere Awards. It’s done in a humorous documentary style. And since it’s 360, watching it gives you the sense that you’re really there.

As with any 360 video shoot, there are some fixes that had to be done to the footage which came from several different plates that had to be stitched together. These sometimes require custom solutions, like the scene where Luke rides the bike across several of the plates… the “stiches” (the areas where the plates meet) required some masking, roto, and warping to get the final image to look correct.

In addition to conforming, I also helped with color and graphics for the piece.