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About – Mike Roy

Illustration: Jose Gomez

There’s a saying in the biz: “Fix it in post”.

I’m the guy who fixes it. (Among other things.)

As a professional Flame Artist, I love to help clients transform their message into something visually and emotionally powerful. I’m at my best when the pixels are flying and i’m under a deadline, and enjoy working directly with people – whether it’s sitting in a cozy office, on a chaotic production shoot, or sitting at home sharing my screen.

In addition to using my graphic, color, and vfx skills to finish high-end projects, I also have a few specialized skills that have come in handy for those “not so common” ones. I pioneered workflows for working on 360 video and VR using Flame’s toolset. During my years at an animation film studio, I’ve worked on a number of longform projects including animated films. I’ve also lent my skills to ride films, which require unique approaches and critical thinking.

In addition to my abilities as a Flame artist, I’m also familiar with going on set and supervising visual effects shoots. I’ve learned the best way to ensure the best results “in the box” is to get the best stuff while it’s still “outside the box”. I’m a believer in planning and previsualization… not only does it make the overall process smoother, it helps me get to know my clients’ unique needs earlier so that I can recommend the best solutions.

Giving a VR presentation at NAB 2016 with Bill Ennis of Autodesk

In 1999 I joined ReelFX Creative Studios in Dallas, Texas as the 17th employee. For 22 years I helped grow that company into a 500+ person, multimillion dollar, world-class turnkey studio. I got to lend my creative abilities on a number of projects, from feature films and national commercials to cutting edge virtual reality. It was a really fun ride and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some astounding talent over the years I’ve been there.

After over two decades at ReelFX, I took the plunge into freelance full-time. I’ve expanded my client base and worked with a variety of brands, using my experience and my skillset to solve creative problems around the world.

If you have a job that you’d like to discuss, to get an experienced vfx artist’s eyes on, or just to chat some “shop talk”, book a free 30 minute call with me at mikeroyartist.com/call. I’m also available to speak at your live event on topics related to creativity or new media.

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