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AICP Opening Title Sequence

Posted in All, Color, Motion Design, Online / Conform

Title sequences for awards shows are always ripe with possibility… we often use them as a forum for creative inspiration.

I think we broke the mold on this one.

After a quote by Marcus Aurelius, we are introduced to various closeups of human anatomy. Correction: mythical anatomy. The body parts we see are none other than that of the great Zeus, rendered in CG.

Our team at ATK PLN created the CG bits, and I added all of the type, which was designed to showcase the sponsors for the awards show. I extruded them in 3D and animated them slightly, with a lighting sheen appropriate to the lighting of the particular scene.

I also onlined the entire piece, fixing stuff, color correcting, and adding glows/blurs as needed. (There wasn’t too much to do to it, though… our team did amazing job.)

The result was amazing and our peers in the industry were suitably impressed. That was fun. Really fun. Now on to the next corporate logo…