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AT&T “Edge To Edge” Spots

Posted in All, Color, Compositing, VFX Supervision, Visual Effects

Live action talent and set pieces are combined with 3d and 2d graphics to create spots that show AT&T’s breadth across several different industries.

Everything was designed as one straightforward camera move that pushes through various walls as they reveal the next wall… but the actual execution to pull this off was anything but simple.

We captured the camera moves and choreographed the talent performances, which gave us a base to work with. Then we did a rough edit of all the shots to nail down the timing. Once the shots and takes were chosen, we did a 3D track and began rotoscoping and tracking so what we could create the necessary mattes and elements to finish the effect.

I was on set as VFX supervisor to make sure any issues or problems got dealt with on the spot. I also tend to offer “fix it in post” suggestions to move the shoot along if it’s cost effective to do so.

In post production, I was involved with picking the takes and strategizing how we could build the elements for the shots. I worked with the CG team to animate the 3D elements and integrated them into the spots. I also created the opening and ending push through the “bookend” walls that resolve with the logo and tagline.

This was a very ambitious project, with lots of challenges that we knew about but didn’t have a solution for until the time came to deal with it. We’re happy with how they turned out, though (and so was our client!)