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AT&T Flexware “Enterprise”

Posted in All, Color, Compositing, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

For our second AT&T Flexware “Enterprise” spot, we used what we learned on the “Small Business” one to take it to the next level.

This time we zoom into the router adorned with world monuments. We also had CG water in this one and a well-thought out matte painting with a beautiful sky in the background, which provided a great backdrop for our router bookends at the beginning and end of the spot.

As we zoom back we are treated to a graphical representation of the earth connected with data, which ends up being on a laptop screen. We come back full circle as we zoom out of that to the same talent from the beginning holding the Flexware router, complete with the “monumental” landscape.

I did previs on the spot to help ensure the correct execution of the complex marrying of the live action plates with the CG footage. I color corrected and cleaned up the live plates, and tracked them so that the CG department could have a seamless background to work with that matched their camera move.

For the effect on the laptop computer screen, I tracked the live action shot and composited the CG screen as well as the live plate of the talent sitting on the desk. I added various effects to enhance the spot such as a sun flare, fog near the Golden Gate Bridge, sky clouds, and final tweaks and color correction.