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Chex Quest Game Trailer

Posted in All, Compositing, Motion Design, Visual Effects

Sometimes, you just capture lightning in a bottle.

Like when a game that started out as a fan-made game project winds up being the reboot game sensation of the year. (Well, for a small cult following, anyway.)

Chex Quest originally came in Chex cereal boxes waaaay back in 1996. In 2020, Flight School Studios and General Mills combined to create Chex Quest HD, complete with new characters, multiplayer features and tons of ⚡️ZORCHING⚡️.

A great game like this needs engaging cutscenes and a great game trailer… so I was asked to help make that happen. I collaborated with the artists to create still elements with transparency that allowed me to create moveable elements, including character limbs and multiplane stage sets that I could move in Flame. In some cases I warped the character images to give them some squash-and-stretch style animated whimsy.

Some of the other fun things I got to make were anime-inspired loops of smoke and lazer elements that I re-used in different plates. I also did various lens flares and klaxons, anything to bring the stills to life.