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Claritin Outsideology Project

Posted in All, Compositing, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

Did you know that bees have five eyes? Or that rabbits eat their own poop?

In celebration of Spring and a return to nature that has been welcomed more than ever, we teamed up with Energy BBDO to create an animated music video that celebrates the joy of the outdoors, entitled “Unboring Starts With U” for Claritin. The video is led by a laid back outside-loving tree who entices a trio of electronics-obsessed kids off their couch and into their yard to explore the magical possibilities of being an “Outsideologist.” This colorful and fun music video is a part of Claritin’s The Outsideologist Project that encourages kids to engage with and explore nature. 

I helped with cleanup on the live-action plates that were used as backgrounds. I also assisted in some masks for transitions. I brought in and assembled the final piece, and did custom crops for the various social media deliverables. I also tracked in the end logo on the custom crop versions.