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Coke / McDonald’s “Joywalk”

Posted in All, Color, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

In this fun spot promoting Coca-Cola for a dollar at McDonald’s, we get to follow a young lady through a fun day at a Carnival. On the way she gets a delicious Coke, meets a hunky guy, and wins at carnival games. She tops it off with a ride on a ferris wheel as fireworks light up the sky.

Lots of VFX work was required to make the magic happen. The day was overcast and hazy on the boardwalk where the plates were shot, so every plate with sky had to have sky replacements. These skies also helped move along the day time-wise, so we get a sense of the entire passage of time.

Each vignette was made possible with a greenscreen live action shot of a coke being raised to the camera’s viewpoint, to simulate the young lady taking a drink. The effect is enhanced with bubbles and a wipe takes us seamlessly from one part of the spot to the next, without any cuts in the action.

The transition from the guy to the fries and up to the carnival game was a three-part process, requiring seamless blending of four different live action plates. These plates were matchmoved to each other and slightly warped into place.

The fireworks were all fabricated, and are designed to enhance the transition to the McDonald’s logo.