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Doritos “Bolder” Campaign

Posted in All, Color, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

I colored and onlined this Doritos campaign, which was a joint effort between Frito Lay and different cinemas to get nachos inside the theater concessions. I also helped with previs of the CG chips and cheese so that the frames could be figured out beforehand, before the lengthy (and costly) process of simulating and rendering the CG effects.

After I got the renders, there were a number of fixes to do to the cheese and chips, especially the end frame where they land in the bowl. In addition, I added some warping to the CG cheese so that it looks like it moves and sags downward after landing in the bowl. There were a lot of little color corrections to do to get the food shots looking right, especially the salsa with the little chunks of red and green in it. I did these with the clients looking on so that we could properly and quickly nail the color.

After doing the 16×9 base spot, there were a number of lengths and ratios to finish based on different social media campaigns, including 9×16 and 4×5, and then a 1.91 ratio for cinema screens. All of these had to be re-composed to fit the frame with the graphics and elements clearly visible.