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Fox Racing Vue Goggles

Posted in All, Color, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

After BMX pro Ken Roczen suffered a potentially career-ending injury, his comeback was a story of inspiration and toughness.

We helped Fox tell this story with a minimalistic spot that features Ken sitting on his bike on a black background. As pieces of the Fox Vue goggles animate in slow motion, video footage of his comeback plays on the visor. The pieces combine and assemble in a heroic shot that shows Ken is ready to ride.

We shot live action plates of Ken, and used real goggles to model and animate the goggle pieces in 3D. They were lit and textured to look photo-real.

I provided high res plates to the other artists once the edit was locked, and I helped prep the historical video footage as well. I put together the rendered 3d plates and did some fixes in addition to color correction, and finished the spot.