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Hasbro / EA “Family Game Night 4”

Posted in All, Color, Editing, Motion Design, Online / Conform

For this Hasbro / EA spot to promote the Family Game Night video game, I performed editing as well as online/finishing tasks while working directly with the agency clients to bring it to a finished state.

In addition, I employed one of Flame’s nifty tricks that I like to call “2.5 D”… making 2D elements look and animate like they’re 3D with extrusion, shadows and highlights, and reflections. This is one of my favorite things to do with Flame… because I can customise it easily, it looks great, and it takes a fraction of the time that it takes to do “real” 3D.

Editing the different vignettes together required precise timing to synchronize the live action talent’s actions with the captured gameplay. They had to have the right kinds of actions as well as great expressions to evoke the joy of playing the game.

I comped the 3d animation layers of Mr. Potato Head with the logo layers provided by the animation team.

I also developed the graphical look of all the elements, from the halftone-textured background with floating icons representative of the different mini-games to the colorful borders surrounding the different screens. There was movement in every element, which often consisted of them flipping and re-animating quickly in concert with each other. This kept up the energy of the spot, and ensured that we could cover each mini-game in just seconds of screen time.