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Interstate Battery “Pinball”

Posted in All, Color, Visual Effects

In this spot for Interstate Battery titled “Pinball”, there were a lot of clever visual effects that you don’t see in the final product… what we call in the biz “hidden vfx”.

Most of these visual effects were “cleanups”… rig removal due to the wheeled rig that was placed under the sliding car to control it. We had to roto, paint, and track painted footage to make it appear that the rig is not there.

There were also a lot of color corrections done and various effects to enhance the story and the excitement.

Overall, the spot is very satisfying in that it doesn’t actually look like a visual effects spot at all, but behind the scenes we had to do a lot to make it look that way.

Here is the breakdown of the before / after for this spot showing what all I did to make it look seamless: