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Prey: The History Of TranStar

Posted in All, Color, Compositing, Editing, Motion Design, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

We had a lot of fun making this video, which was a pre-release piece of media for the game itself. It tells the back story of the game’s premise, which was cased in an ‘alternate timeline’ type narrative involving a failed assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy and a space program that results in alien infestation and ethically questionable human bio-engineering. Fun!

We combined 3D and 2D animation techniques in this piece, which we made to look like it was taken from different time periods while retaining a cohesive visual feel. I used Flame to pull together all the animation elements and to give them a stylistic look.

I also did all of the 3D elements in Flame using existing models. This was accomplished by first composing the 3D elements and giving stills to our art team to use as a template. I then projection-mapped their illustrations back to the models, and lit and treated them with a cel-shaded look within Flame so that they worked with the elements that were provided by our 2D animation team.

I also online the entire piece, giving it the final color pass, grain treatment, and enhanced transitions.