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SAP Extreme Sailing 360

Posted in All, VR / 360

Momentum Wordwide asked us to create a VR piece to showcase the way SAP interacts with sailing teams to deliver realtime data.

We shot a real live sailing even on-location in Muscat, and then created graphic overlays that matched the footage. These overlays showed how various aspects of the sailing competition were monitored and displayed to help the SAP sailing team evaluate the various aspects of weather, water, and the sailing yacht itself.

The narrative takes you through the entire race, from the very beginning when the team looks at data on their data pads, to the very end when the SAP sailing team crosses the finish line. Throughout the piece, you look around to see conditions of the race and how the data is captured. This “in the moment”, experiental-style piece is the perfect way to showcase the capabilities of SAP as well as learning about the rigors of a world-class sailing competition.

I was creative director of the piece, overseeing the selection of the footage and graphics as well as the final quality of the deliverable.