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Slack “Where Work Happens” :30 Commercial

Posted in All, Color, Motion Design, VFX Supervision, Visual Effects

In this colorful spot, we follow a person as she uses Slack to coordinate different teams, represented by 4 different rooms. The rooms were all carefully coordinated with color-coded props and wardrobe to match Slack’s brand colors.

The lady and her desk were on a dolly track along with the camera, allowing us to stay focused on her in frame while behind her the different rooms were sliding past.

I was on set to supervise the VFX of the shoot, and while finishing the spot were some little fixes I had to do, like lock down the coffee cup that was moving around in the shot and some stabilization due to the shaking of the camera rig.

Finally, I positioned and animated the graphics. There was a faux side bar interaction that was timed to when the corresponding pop-up graphic appears onscreen. I added some subtle depth of field and motion blur so that these text graphics felt organic when popping on, as opposed to just appearing as if they were part of the screen.