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The North Face / Dick’s Sporting Goods “Tram”

Posted in All, Color, Online / Conform, Visual Effects

In this spot for the North Face apparel company and Dick’s Sporting Goods, customers are surprised to see a group of famous snowboarders walk through the store and board a tram.

I onlined the spot and added the North Face logo to a few places in the store. I also did color correction overall.

For the centerpiece effects shot, which is the shot of the side doors opening and the tram coming in to the station, a greenscreen was set up at a loading dock and the set was dressed to look like it was inside the store. An actual tram was built and rigged to move into place. The tram was rotoed and keyed, and blended with a matte painting and snow particles.

In addition to roto, key, comp work, particles, and matte painting, I also did the end logo treatment.